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Travel pack for LifeinaBox
Carry Bag for LifeinaBox

LifeinaTravel - LifeInaBox Travel Bag

LifeinaTravel transport bag for LifeinaBox.

The LifeinaTravel Bag makes traveling with LifeinaBox easier. With a separate compartment for your cables, adapters, batteries, it is made of indestructible Cordura that will give you years of service. With a unique elegance, the LifeinaTravel kit will allow you to travel with your LifeinaBox in a completely discreet way.

NOTE: Battery sold separately

See Lifeina Battery to purchase the battery or Combo Packs for a Lifeina Combo pack to suit your individual travel requirements


LifeinaBox and its accessories are sold through Medactiv Australia website. Click continue below to purchase LifeinaTravel.

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