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Protect your meds
Keeping meds at the rght temp for 48 hours


Isothermal bag for the transport of sensitive medication between 2 and 8°C for 48 hours

Holds up to 80 injection pens or syringes.

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For the transportation of vaccines, blood and plasma between 2 to and 8°C

Designed for the transport of sensitive medications at a temperature between 2 to 8°C for 48 hours

Cooling Compartment

keeps all your sensitive medication at a constant temperature. Includes 6 x 900g polymer gel packs

Storage Space

For the transport of large amounts of medication over long distances. Useable space of 20 x 20 x 20cm (W x L x H).

Recommended Uses

Blood samples, heat-sensitive drugs, serological samples, reagents, plasma, vaccines

Specially Formulated Polymer

The polymer gels packs are made using specially formulated polymer that stays frozen twice as long as a traditional ice packs.

Holds up to 80 injection pens or syringes


Height 300mm
Width 300mm
Depth 300mm
Weight 7kg

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Lifeina - portable medication fridge
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